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Contents: Issue 3, 2021Изображение обложки


Bogatyreva K. A., Laskovaia A. K., Klemina T. N., Orekhova Yu. A. “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”? The influence of dark triad personality traits on formation of entrepreneurial intentions. Summary >>

General and Strategic Management

Panibratov A. Yu., Chen S. Compromising with de-globalization or seizing an opportunity? Implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for firms and governments. Summary >>

Human Resource Management

Khasieva D. D. Career orientations of women in Russia: The kaleidoscope career model. Summary >>

Shpringer A. S. Human resource management in times of crises 2008–2009 and 2020–2021: Comparative analysis. Summary >>

Public Administration

Semenova A. M., Sanina A. G., Styrin E. M., Titov E. A. Stakeholder analysis as a tool for improving strategic planning of the urban environment. Summary >>

Kashin D. V. Small and medium enterprises in public procurement: Factors affecting the decisions of public bodies. Summary >>

Education Management

Molitvin M. N., Suyazov V. V. Strategic academic leadership programs in Russia: Past and future. Summary >>

Belov S. A., Soloviev A. A., Suyazov V. V. Ensuring the right to education by state university’s funding programs. Summary >>

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Released: Issue 3, 2021
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