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Issue 2, 2022

Volchenko T. V. Influence of personal characteristics of talents on voluntary dismissal: The case of Sheremetyevo international airport.

The article discusses the use of personal characteristics of talented employees in assessing the likelihood of their voluntary turnover. Despite a growing number of publications on talent management issues, most of the works focus on studying institutional conditions or corporate management practices. At the same time, a scant attention is paid to the peculiarities of talented employees labor behavior, including a critical problem for organizations in talent management voluntary turnover. The paper aims to investigate the influence of the personal characteristics of talented employees on their decision to resign voluntarily. The theoretical part of the work is based on the model of an objective view on understanding qualified employees as those who have a particular set of characteristics that can determine their behavior regardless of the organizational context. In addition to the main socio-demographic and professional aspects of talents, the work uses non-cognitive personality parameters described by the Big Five model. The empirical part of the study is based on the data from a survey of 180 employees which was included in the talent management program of Sheremetyevo Airport. The results confirmed the influence of socio-demographic and non-cognitive characteristics on the likelihood of talented employees voluntary turnover. Also, some of the parameters, in contrast to the previous studies, have the opposite effect, and talent management programs do not retain talented employees. Despite its novelty, the conclusions of the work are limited because the empirical data was obtained from one though a heterogeneous company by its labor characteristics and the research was conducted during the crisis of 2020. The extension of the sample along with the set of non-cognitive traits can serve as a direction for further studies. Keywords: talent management, labor behavior, noncognitive skills, personal characteristics, voluntary turnover, Big five model.

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