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Issue 2, 2022

Kuleshov N. A., Latukha M. O. Macro talent management: Literature review.

This literature review is devoted to the analysis of the existing empirical studies in areas related to Macro Talent Management and its research directions. The study presents a systematic literature review of 150 empirical papers in peer-reviewed journals for the period from 2011 to 2021. Macro Talent Management is a complex phenomenon that combines different interrelated processes at country and organization levels. Socio-economic and cultural macro factors have a significant impact on human capital mobility, which can be represented as talent attraction and retention processes and, therefore, as a component of Macro Talent Management. At the same time, human capital mobility itself influences the indicators of countries and regions’ development at macro level. At country level, talent development requires joint actions of state institutions and organizations, while Macro Talent Management system can affect the countries’ economic indicators. However, it can be concluded that the literature lacks a sufficiently detailed consideration of the implementation of Macro Talent Management system; the impact of characteristics of political regimes and cultural characteristics on formation of Macro Talent Management in different countries is not fully described, as well as the influence of Macro Talent Management on innovative development at macro level is studied generally. This review allows researchers to clarify issues related to the subject of Macro Talent Management and the existing gaps in the literature. As a result of the analysis, we identified several areas for further research. First, it is important to study the mechanisms of inter-level interaction in talent management both in terms of human capital mobility and talent development within a country. It is also necessary to study in detail the influence of political and cultural characteristics in countries as conditions for the implementation of these activities by agents. Finally, the impact of talent management on innovation development at macro level has been studied rather generally, without considering the impact of specific processes on innovation activity of particular countries. Keywords: human capital mobility, talent management, government policy, macro talent management.

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