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Issue 4, 2020

Sovetkin Ya. D. Managerial innovations: Approach to definition and classification.

Managerial innovations have become the topic of interest for many scholars, but this concept remains underdeveloped and poorly managed among the academy and business community in Russia. This paper offers the composition of approach to definition and classification of managerial innovations, formed on the basis of exploration of the concept managerial innovation evolution, and estimation of the relationship with a more general concept innovation. The suggested composition of approach is based on the three-stage bibliographic analysis of scientific literature. In course of the bibliographic research, scientific articles were selected according to the key words, period of publication and citation index. 140 scientific publications were identified and collected for the period from 1975 to 2019 covering citation indexes from 0 to 12 476 by Web of Science citation database and from 4 to 2 185 by Scopus database. On the basis of the conducted bibliographic research, the author introduces his definition of innovation and managerial innovation and explains the connection between them. Within the conducted research different approaches to classification of managerial innovations were studied and on their basis a new approach to classification of managerial innovations was proposed. The findings can be useful for different avenues of further research regarding managerial innovations. Keywords: innovations, managerial innovations, organizational innovations, administrative innovations.

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